Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Great Warrior Niklaus raids that Lowlife Scum, Iain McWadsley

The bonfires went up - the alarm had been sounded!  The Vikings were approaching the coast of Scotland!  Soon a messenger arrived -- it appeared that the most noble of Vikings, Niklaus Angrimson, was leading a raid!!!

But what were they after?  Iain McWadsley had no doubt.  This was an attempt to steal the precious and saintly relic -- the Madonna with the large Boobies.  There was only one thing to do -- hide the relic in the mountain caves.

But the cunning Niklaus predicted this is what the Scots would do!  He set up his men in a village on the way to the mountains, and waited for the treasure to come to him ....

The first battle of our Saga campaign.  Nick (with Vikings), leading a raid on John (with Scots).  It was "The Escort" scenario, with John having to get two out of three wagons of loot off the other edge of the table.
The mounted Scottish nobles on each flank charged forward
'Troll Hide' McWadsley had to consult the good book to determine the effect of his nobles throwing javelins.
Unfortunately, the nobles got too close on one flank.  The Viking bondi charged in, and were repulsed.  But the beserkers then finished off the nobles.  Meanwhile, Niklaus and some other warriors charged forward to attack the Scottish archers.
A unit of Scottish nobles got around the village, and prepared to attach some Viking archers
The vile McWadsley got too close to some Vikings, and the only action he could take was to charge them.  Things may have worked out well -- McWadsley wasn't called 'Troll Hide' for nothing.  But even his thick skin couldn't save him!!!
Meanwhile the precious treasure was making its way to safety.  Could McWadsley's noble sacrifice allow the treasure to escape?  Um, no.  McWadsley went down, as did his warriors and nobles.  Then the baggage was easy pickings.
All that survived of McWadsley's force were 7 archers that fled to spread the tale of the fearsome Vikings.

But what is this limping in -- if it isn't the troll hide McWadsley himself!  Muttering 'it's just a flesh wound', he lives to fight another day, though he has another scar to add to his troll hide!  And his noble example has inspired the local nobles.  Troops have flocked to McWadsley, eager to avenge the loss of the 'Madonna with the large Boobies'.  He now has better troops than before!!!!!  (75% of John's casualties came back post game.  Then he got some recruits to bring one unit of warriors back to 8 men.  And then, after a game of crap dice, John rolled double 6 on the post battle results table, letting him choose his bonus.  He upgraded the 8 warrior unit to hearthguard!).

But Niklaus didn't do too badly either.  He now has extra treasure.  And the experience slaughtering Scots has toughened his forces up -- he also got to upgrade a unit of warriors to hearthguard!

Monday, July 18, 2016

And so we start ...

We will use the blog for the Campaign so we have a vehicle for recording its progress, keeping track, boasting and insulting each other as the mood takes.  No Iain its Trolls hide not Trollops hide .

In the beginning

Thanks Nick

Sunday, July 17, 2016

In the beginning...

Bari Stjborn was a bastard.  In all senses of the word.  A cantankerous warlord, it seems that he valued his dogs more highly than the men he ruled.  He did, however, have a dungeon in his keep where he kept vast amounts of loot, and many a local glory seeker would regularly seek audience with Bari and boast about martial exploits, attempting to impress Bari (and maybe get a 10% discount on used swords or other items).

Join us as we follow the career of Bari Stjborn as he hacks and slashes his way across Dark Ages Europe as we play Saga's Age of the Wolf!!!!